About Capital Stone Holdings

Investment Principles

  • Sustainability

    We believe in a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. All CSH investments and partners are fully vested and must meet sustainability and environmental impact standards.

  • Risk Management

    We are deeply committed to protecting investors through comprehensive risk mitigation. Our business model is rooted in vigorous due diligence, strict compliance and the application of efficient, creative and customized deal structuring solutions.

  • Creativity

    Our creative and fresh approach to innovative opportunities and niche markets gives us the ability to create sustainable competitive advantage and capitalize on emerging trends.

  • Operational Excellence

    Improving business operations is one of CSH's core competencies and our in-house team are experts in leveraging technology and innovative solutions to achieve substantial operational improvements.

Why CSH?

    Long-tenured professionals with commitment to key cultural tenets
  • Portfolio companies belong to everyone - no partner or deal team silos
  • Open, collaborative environment where professionals voice opinions and challenge the norm
  • All investment professionals have business development responsibility
  • Strong management ensures strength and continuity
  • Balance between investment originations and investment operations
  • Drives collaboration throughout underwriting, investment execution, portfolio management and investor reporting functions
  • Robust portfolio management infrastructure
  • Modeled after larger institutional investors with designated roles and functions
  • Continuous monitoring of portfolio companies
  • Creates objectivity and accountability, allowing investment professionals to focus on business development, transaction execution and portfolio interaction
  • Quality information technology projects help support scalable growth at portfolio companies
  • Logistics and tracking systems, database management systems, ERP, and other IT implementation projects