CSH Operating Companies

Operating Companies

Capital Stone Holdings employs a variety of different
investment platforms such as joint venture, preferred equity,
and direct equity to pursue a variety of investment opportunities
in operating companies. Capital Stone acts as a catalyst for
change and we have established clear paths to maximize the value
of our portfolio companies.


  • Revenues

    $20 Million To $200 Million

  • Industry

    Variety, CSH's Management Team is experienced in diversification. Our Operating Specialists have managed and operated projects and companies in several industries including Consumer & Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Clean Energy, Retail and other opportunistic businesses

  • Competitive Advantages

    Strategic and opportunistic investments where there is a path for growth and improved performance – an "angle"

  • Stability

    Four years of positive EBITDA with strong future investments


    $3 Million to $15 Million with margins of approximately 10% or better

  • Management Teams

    Management professionals with an equity stake on projects and surplus bonuses.

  • Capital Structure

    High yield market growth with segmentation.

  • Cash Flow Diversification

    Diversity in business model to spread risk.